6/October – CloudSails Webinar about Asana and Microsoft Teams

We got a new partnership at CloudSails with the Asana Certified Pro certification.

For those who don’t know Asana is a modern tasks and projects management tool widely used especially with remote and distributed teams. Asana helps teams and organizations to know WHO is doing WHAT and WHEN providing visibility and transparency in task management.

Asana offers integrations with many other tools like Slack, Jira Cloud, Salesforce, Tableau and Microsoft Teams.

Given our expertise at CloudSails in implementing and using these tools, we want to invite you to our next webinar.

Also if you need consultancy or advise to implement Asana please feel free to contact us. Also, we can offer you a discount on your Asana licensing.

Webinar about using Asana with Microsoft Teams

On Tuesday, October 6th at 19:00 CEST CloudSails is organizing a webinar about using jointly two great tools like Asana and Microsoft Teams for project management.

This webinar will be in Spanish language, but we can provide you more information later in English also contacting us.

If you are interested to join us in this webinar please feel free to register here: https://events.asana.com/e/mc32vk/

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