CloudSails collaborates with Zemper implementing Zoho Projects

Zemper ( – Spanish company specialized in emergency lighting – worked with CloudSails in the implementation of Zoho Projects to centralize and improve project and process management in a single tool.

“CloudSails has provided Zoho Projects consulting, configuration and training services in a satisfactory way and facilitating the implementation of this new tool in Zemper”.

Zemper Control Director

Zemper selected the Enterprise version of Zoho Projects, providing the tool to various departments (R&D, Management, HR, Marketing, Quality, Management Control and Organization, etc.)

Zoho Projects will help Zemper in:

  • Centralization of all project management in a single tool, integrating or reducing the use of other tools (Spreadsheets, Diagrams, email, etc)
  • Project planning and control
  • Creating tasks or grouping tasks into task lists
  • Knowledge management and administration of all the documentation of a project from the same place

CloudSails is a Zoho Authorized Partner

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