New Certification: DevOps Foundations

At CloudSails we got recently a new certification: DevOps Foundation® from the DevOps Institute.

This introductory training is about common DevOps culture, concepts and terminology, don’t expect much details about tooling and so on. Also the course focus on DevOps relationship to Agile, Lean and ITSM and its importantce. It helped to understand for example why Ops teams struggle with Agile

The course was organized by NetMind and teached by Angel Rayo. Angel did and excellent job explaining all the content with very good examples. We fully recommend him and recommend this course for Dev and Ops people, to understand how to work together.

More info at:

Certifications and PartnerShips – CloudSails

DevOps Foundation (DOFD)® — DevOps Institute

Certificaciones DevOps Institute | Netmind Cursos y Certificaciones

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