New Certification: DevOps Foundations

At CloudSails we got recently a new certification: DevOps Foundation® from the DevOps Institute. This introductory training is about common DevOps culture, concepts and terminology, don’t expect much details about tooling and so on. Also the course focus on DevOps relationship to Agile, Lean and ITSM and its importantce. It helped to understand for exampleContinue reading “New Certification: DevOps Foundations”

Cómo empezar la migración al Cloud

Muchas empresas todavía dudan de cómo plantear la migración de sus sistemas en datacenters tradicionales a infraestructuras de cloud público como AWS, Azure o Google Cloud. Aquí quiero comentar alguna de las lecciones aprendidas y de cómo ayudamos desde CloudSails a empezar esta transición. Forma y transforma a tu equipo de administradores de sistemas MuchaContinue reading “Cómo empezar la migración al Cloud”

Microsoft Announces Teams Apps for meetings

Microsoft presented recently Teams apps for meetings. This means you can start to use collaborative apps like Asana, HireVue, Range, ServiceNow or others right out of the box with Team meeetings before, during and after the meeting. Asana Use the Asana app during your Microsoft Teams meeting to create notes and action items, so thatContinue reading “Microsoft Announces Teams Apps for meetings”

CloudSails collaborates with Zemper implementing Zoho Projects

Zemper ( – Spanish company specialized in emergency lighting – worked with CloudSails in the implementation of Zoho Projects to centralize and improve project and process management in a single tool. “CloudSails has provided Zoho Projects consulting, configuration and training services in a satisfactory way and facilitating the implementation of this new tool in Zemper”.Continue reading “CloudSails collaborates with Zemper implementing Zoho Projects”

Gestiona equipos y proyectos con Asana y Microsoft Teams o Slack

El 6/octubre Adi Merzbach de CloudSails presentó el webinar títulado “Gestiona equipos y proyectos con Asana y Microsoft Teams o Slack”. Para aquellos que no pudisteis asistir os adjuntamos el video – grabación del evento: Consultoría en Asana, Teams y otras herramientas de productividad CloudSails os ofrece una hora de consultoría en herramientas de productividad.Continue reading “Gestiona equipos y proyectos con Asana y Microsoft Teams o Slack”

6/October – CloudSails Webinar about Asana and Microsoft Teams

We got a new partnership at CloudSails with the Asana Certified Pro certification. For those who don’t know Asana is a modern tasks and projects management tool widely used especially with remote and distributed teams. Asana helps teams and organizations to know WHO is doing WHAT and WHEN providing visibility and transparency in task management.Continue reading “6/October – CloudSails Webinar about Asana and Microsoft Teams”