Virtual IT Manager

IT Infrastructure Expertise

At CloudSails we are experts in IT Infrastructure management such as:

  • Cloud and datacentre
  • Data and voice network
  • Workplace and end-user support. Servidedesk management
  • IT Infrastructure providers management
  • Management 3.0 & Agile. Remote and on-premise team management. People care and team transformation. SysAdmin / SysOps teams transformation to DevOps
  • IT Infrastructure & Operations budget management and cost control
  • CIO Office Support
  • Project Management

We use our own CloudSails Project Management methodology with a mix of Agile, Scrum and Waterfall techniques to deliver results.

Remote and virtual IT Management

We are able to manage remotely virtual teams, providing our own collaboration and project management tools.

CloudSails takes care to assure that all IT Infrastructure team members are fully engaged and motivated to deliver its best for the success.

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